Man Arrested for Shooting down Drone, says it was Spying on his Sunbathing Daughter

William Merideth explains what happened the day he shot down a drone flying over his property

WDRB 41 Louisville NewsLOUISVILLE, Kentucky – William Merideth, of Bullitt County, was arrested last Sunday after shooting down a drone he claimed was violating his family’s privacy, WDRB news’ Ryan Cummings reported.Merideth maintains that the drone had appeared over the neighborhood before, and that its operators were deliberately trying to pry into residents’ … [Read more...]

Editorial Legal Review: The State of Georgia vs. Carl Malamud and Your Right to Access Government Documents

Carl Malamud with just a fraction of a microcosm of the laws, rules, and regulations that we are expected to both know and obey. The state of Georgia has labeled him a terrorist.

Let me start off by making it clear that the issue here is not whether actual legislation, that is, documents that are passed by a legislative body (i.e. the United States Congress, a state legislative body, a municipal council, etc.) and then signed by an executive (president, governor, mayor, etc.), or that are vetoed by an executive but then go on to receive a legislative … [Read more...]

Thought Crime? FBI Agents raid gas station because of owner’s “controversial” mural depicting President Obama, Jesus

FBI raids Cleveland store over Obama mural

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Frank Wiley for Channel 5 News in Cleveland reports that a local gas station, owned by Abe Ayad, was raided by FBI agents last week because of images Mr. Ayad displayed in his store depicting President Obama and Jesus.Ayad allowed Channel 5 access to his store’s surveillance camera footage, showing what appear to be around a dozen FBI agents bursting into … [Read more...]

Baltimore Police Cover For Each Other Until the Going Gets Tough

William S. Kern: Molding, and shooting, the minds of police recruits

Baltimore Training Officer Efren E. Edwards claims that in February 2013 he was told to look for a “bunker training” site in order to train police recruits. In his search Edwards came across the Rosewood Center, an asylum built in the late 1800’s and which was closed in 2010.However, there were problems.First, The Baltimore Police never felt the need to ask the Maryland … [Read more...]