Activists Troll Police Propaganda Video


In the wake of the Sandra Bland incident, police officers around the country are taking it upon themselves to tell every day citizens how they should act when pulled over by the police.Above is a modified video that was originally created by The Lake Charles Police Department just days after Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent was shot and killed by a deranged … [Read more...]

Woman fined nearly $1,000 after taking photo of cops parked illegally

Pictures of Spanish Police car posted to Facebook

ALICANTE, Spain – A woman in Petrer, Spain was fined 800 Euros (about $890) for taking a picture of a cop car that was illegally parked and then posting it to her Facebook, after police officers claimed that her post “impugned [on] their honor.”According to Stephen Burgen of the Guardian, the woman was charged with violating Spain’s “Citizens Security Law.” The law went … [Read more...]

EPA will not be paying out penalties over Animas River spill, claims “Sovereign Immunity”

Animas River polluted by the EPA

DENVER, Colorado – The country is becoming increasingly outraged over the contamination of the Animas River. The outrage grows as the waste now spreads to Utah and New Mexico via the drainages of the Colorado River basin.To add insult to environmental injury, the EPA is saying that it will not be paying fines or other penalties. The problem is that the EPA is admittedly … [Read more...]

Woman savagely punched, choked by what appears to be Undercover Cop

Cop strangling woman in chokehold

A video making its rounds through online forums shows a lone woman on the hood of a car being savagely choked and beaten by what is reportedly an undercover police officer.The video description on YouTube reads in part:“This video was sent to our email by an anonymous subscriber to place on our channel of yet another what seems to be a vicious act of violence by 2 … [Read more...]

Cops train to see citizens as homicidal maniacs with “Force Options Simulator”

Cops train with kill simulators

STOCKTON, California – ABC news 10 recently sent a reporter to the Modesto police department to try out the PD’s “force options simulator.” This is a video program designed to simulate supposedly typical encounters that police officers will have with citizens.The simulation consists in a large projection screen, on which there is footage of live actors playing everyone from … [Read more...]