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Edward Snowden thank you protest sign

NSA Spying: No Pardon for Snowden, no teeth in “Freedom Act”

WASHINGTON – Last week, the White House rejected a petition that activists filed on WhiteHouse.gov in the hopes of pardoning Edward Snowden. The official White House response stated: “Thanks for signing a petition about Edward Snowden. This is an issue that many Americans feel strongly about. Because his actions have had serious consequences for our […]

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The U.S. Government is utilizing the NSA and the National Science Foundation to recruit and groom child hackers

NSA Grooming and Recruiting Children to Be Hackers

Recruitment posters show multiple young people placing their hands on a basketball sized earth as digital streams flow around the planet. The image conveys the distinct impression that these children control the world utilizing technology. This may be a powerful draw for children viewing the poster. Of course it does not hurt that the propaganda […]

William Merideth explains what happened the day he shot down a drone flying over his property

Man Arrested for Shooting down Drone, says it was Spying on his Sunbathing Daughter

WDRB 41 Louisville News LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – William Merideth, of Bullitt County, was arrested last Sunday after shooting down a drone he claimed was violating his family’s privacy, WDRB news’ Ryan Cummings reported. Merideth maintains that the drone had appeared over the neighborhood before, and that its operators were deliberately trying to pry into residents’ […]

Donanld Trump and Bernie Sanders

Political Fantasies “Trump” Realities

WASHINGTON –Donald Trump told Kevin Cirilli and Bob Cusack with The Hill last week that he was considering a third-party run for the 2016 presidential race. More specifically, Trump said this would be in the event that he is not treated fairly by the Republican National Committee during the primaries. Trump proclaimed: “I want to […]

Sandra Bland, smiling

5 Lessons we should learn from Sandra Bland’s death

THE BACKSTORY OF SANDRA BLAND’S ARREST On July 10th, 2015, Officer Encinia pulled up closely behind Sandra Bland’s car. She switched lanes to get out of his way. Encinia pulled her over for not signaling. Bland was not happy, and she let Officer Encinia know it. The cop arrested her for disrespecting him and resisting […]

Rand Paul with Lindsey Grahamn

Rand Paul and Iran’s “History of Untrustworthiness”

WASHINGTON – As controversy surrounding the recent international agreement on an Iranian nuclear program continues to swirl, U.S. foreign policy regarding Iran looms as a seminal 2016 election issue. Republican candidates in particular appear to be the most fixated, or at the least the most passionate, on this policy area. The Mike Huckabee campaign, to […]


Woman who picked up Police Baton facing 25 to Life

LOS ANGELES – Trishawn Carey is facing a potential 25 years to life imprisonment sentence owing to charges of resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon, according to the LA Times. At the center of the case against her is the fact that she picked up a discarded police officer’s baton and brandished it. […]