One voter shows up at Santorum event in Iowa


By Nick Gass At first, one was the loneliest number for Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Monday. Just one Iowan showed up at 2 p.m. campaign stop Monday at a restaurant in the unincorporated community of Hamlin, population … [Continue reading]

10 Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies


Since the advent of Bitcoin, competitive cryptocurrencies have stormed the market.  The mad rush to buy the very best has created an online gold rush, complete with winners and losers.  Now that enough time has passed for some of the dust to … [Continue reading]

16 Ron Paul Predictions That All Came True

Ron Paul smile

In 2002, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas made a series of predictions about the US and the world. Here is a look at Ron Paul's prophecies and his consistency. In addition to linked sources placed throughout this post, a video of Ron Paul's speech, in which … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Che Guevara Was NOT A Hero

Che Guevara the murderer

Many things have been said about Che Guevara, but few of them reflect the true nature of who he was, what he wanted, and what his legacy consists of.  Let's take a look at a side of Che Guevara you probably didn't know about.   Che Guevara … [Continue reading]