This New Technology Could Save You During A Crisis


Greece: A preview of things to come? What would you do if the US government suddenly announced a bank holiday, limits or bans on ATM withdrawals or other types of cash and capital controls? Or implemented a "bail-in" where part of your bank deposits were used to further pyramid debt and save an oligarchical financial system?Is there any doubt that a huge majority of … [Read more...]

10 Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies


Since the advent of Bitcoin, competitive cryptocurrencies have stormed the market.  The mad rush to buy the very best has created an online gold rush, complete with winners and losers.  Now that enough time has passed for some of the dust to settle in the cryptocurrency market, Liberty Upward takes a look at which crypto's are still standing tall.Here is an interesting fact … [Read more...]

What Are The Financial Elite Saying About Bitcoin?

Bitcoin cover image

Bitcoin is a new kind of internet based computer money that has taken the world by storm.We're taking a look at what the financial elite are saying about it in the hopes that we might better understand the new cryptocurrency ourselves.  Sir Richard BransonSir Richard Branson is now making news for other reasons as he spoke extensively about Bitcoin recently … [Read more...]